Leading Brisbane’s fashion stylist and creative director Beate de Camp is the
Founder and Director of Brisbane styling agency Be Divine.

Be Divine looks after fashion styling, personal shopping, styling production and interior styling.

Having always been immersed within the fashion industry both here in Australia and Europe, Beate decided she wanted to help others to feel great by educating them on the importance of personal styling.

Be Divine was established in February 2008 and since has carved a reputation for itself as the leading personal styling agency in Brisbane. Offering a wide range of personal fashion and interior styling services for men and women with different lifestyles, Be Divine has cemented a strong following and loyal clientele.

Whether you are after personal styling, modernising your home or in need of a styling
producer let us know and we will create the perfect styling package for you and your needs.

“The idea is to know what works for you and follow it’.

Subscribe to Be Divine and learn “How to look slimmer” with simple fashion tips:


3 minutes with Beate de Camp:
What do you to relax? Read. Either a good book or fashion and interior magazines. Go for a walk with my husband.
Favourite Food / Meal? Anything spicy. Thai, Indian… But also enjoy Italian pasta. I enjoy quality food.
Favourite Restaurant? Our little Thai restaurant down the road from us. Sings, Rosalie, Brisbane.
Favourite Holiday Destination? Noosa, Tasmania and New Zealand close by. Italy, Paris for further trips.
Favourite Movie? ‘The Intouchables’ (French movie), ‘In Bruge’ and ‘love actually’. Could watch them all over and over again.
Favourite Artist? No one special at the moment. Listening to everything a bit.
5 People you’d invite to dinner? My husband, Hugh Jackman, Cate Blanchett, Coco Chanel, my mum.
Best thing about your job? Meeting amazing people and making women feel better about themselves.
Anything else you’d like to say? Don’t be afraid being the best you can be!
Thank you!

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